The best tip I can give.

I've mulled over what my first blog post should be about for quite some time now. I started thinking about the types of tips I'll be giving here and in my newsletter and I wondered, out of them all, what would be the best tip I could give?

Would it be identifying characteristics to help you expertly craft your letterforms? Or perhaps some special settings in Illustrator that will ensure your lettering gets digitized beautifully. It could even be a model to follow when dealing with those feisty bezier curves and the pen tool for logos and hand drawn type.

But these don't compare to the one thing I have learned in the past few years.

Continue learning.

Simple, really. Aren't we all learning something new every day? Technically, yes -- but how many of those things do you apply to your craft? If the answer is little to none, let me urge you to pinpoint an area of weakness you feel could be solidified by learning something small and do it! We can all learn something more to improve our work.

Now I know there are some who need no encouragement to learn. In fact, it is likely what you prefer to do with your time as the thirst for seeing marked improvement in your work is what drives you to gather all the information you possibly can. For this, I applaud you and I can certainly identify. This is one of the reasons I needed a place to share what I have learned. So I can encourage those with unintentionally diluted creative spirits and provide for those who are continuous information gatherers.

Whichever you may be, know that it is my goal to provide value to you and your creative endeavors. My aim is that this blog will be a place for you to find clear content and heartfelt insight.